legal age to get a tattoo in california.

  Minors and Tattoos. Can a person under 18 get a tattoo legally in California? Can a person under 18 get a tattoo lawfully in California?

We do this question daily–Can I give consent for my old child to get a tattoo? Answer–NO!

It’s a large fine for the studio and the artist. It is a Misdemeanor in the state of California and can be awakened to a felony depending upon the circumstances. When a studio is willing to bring a possibility of catching a felony situation and good for tattooing a minor, then you need to ask yourself whether that’s where you truly wish to go. Anyone under 18 is a little, and minors may not get tattooed regardless of what. This is what the majority of parents say when we explain that while we might catch a case the parent will most definitely catch a felony case even when the artist ends up with a misdemeanor. Why? It becomes a CPS issue along with the fees filed end up being felony child neglect, inhumane torture of a young child, felony maiming of a kid, etc.. There are cases where the parent and artist were awarded 3-5 year prison sentence! The majority of the time the artist ends up using a fine up to $5,000 and may be held liable for laser therapy to get it eliminated. Minors and tattoos don’t blend for a valid artist and studio.

Thus, again, can a person below the age of 18 get a tattoo lawfully in the state of California? No, it’s impossible for them to find a tattoo, lawfully. Every tattoo studio should be aware of this advice, and whether they don’t know this basic item of information I would feel that they don’t know some of the other important things that proceed with operating a tattoo studio.

We believe in our business and we’ve got respect for the business that Feeds our family’s with our art. We think you’ve got a right to express yourself with art and you’ve got the right to wear that art. We don’t believe that a little should be getting a tattoo. We’ve got too much respect for ourselves and the tattoo business to breach that trust and respect. We’ll happily tattoo anybody once they turn 18. Please read a few of our other posts on what you will discover at tattoo studios and what you need to search for if you enter a tattoo studio.

  Here are some pictures of the inside of our studio.

As stated above, PC 653 is the California statute that speaks on tattooing someone below the age of 18.

The code section states it is a crime for an individual to tattoo or to offer tattoo, any person aged 18 or younger.

Under PC 653,”to tattoo” means:

“to insert pigment under the surface of the skin of a human being, by

There is an exception under the code segment and it applies to licensed professionals of the”healing arts.” This means these professionals aren’t guilty of tattooing a minor if they prick a little’s skin using a needle at the course of their practice.

  Some examples of professionals employed in the”healing arts” comprise:

Licensed therapists,
massage therapists,
medical assistants, and

The crime is punishable by:
Imprisonment at the county jail for not more than six months; or,
a maximum handsome of $1,000.

Please be aware that in lieu of prison time a judge may order a defendant to misdemeanor probation. This is also known as”summary” or”casual ” probation.
Are there any legal defenses?

You will find two frequent legal defenses readily available to a defendant that’s charged with tattooing a little. This is to reveal that he did not”tattoo” A individual, as that term is defined under the statute. By way of example, an individual that places a temporary tattoo on a child isn’t guilty of a crime because he did not prick a needle to the kid’s skin.

The next defense is to get an accused to prove that he is a licensed practitioner of the healing arts And can be exempted from PC 653. If those professionals”tattoo” a little at the course of their practice (e.g., a medical assistant drawing blood from a small ), then they are not guilty of a crime.
What about piercings?

Unlike getting a tattoo, there is not a minimum age for getting a piercing. But a minor must have one of her parent’s approval before getting her ears pierced. Further, a parent or guardian of a minor must be present before and during the process.

Please note that minors can be pierced in an area other than their ears with parental consent, but not in their genitals or genitals.

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