Laser hair removal didn t work?

Daily I see customers for laser hair elimination assessments who have had unsuccessful laser hair elimination treatments before coming to Medispa Jouvence. In some cases it is obvious why they did not get results, for instance, their hair is grey. Other times there is no good reason that they did not treat well.

There are numerous reasons a laser hair elimination treatment might not work for you. Consider the following 10 reasons the laser hair removal might not be effective for you.



1. Color of the Hair in the treatment site

The laser targets color. The laser will not see grey, red or blonde hair. If you were treating your chin, for example, and your chin had some grey hair and some black hair the black hair need to have treated effectively however the grey hair will stay. If your treatment website just had dark, colored hair then you must have seen an outcome.

2. The texture of the Hair

The courser the hair the better. If the hair on your treatment website is great it will not treat well, if at all. I see lots of customers who stated when they began their laser treatment the hair was great and now all the hair remains and now it is the course. The treatment site has to be shaved, so if the great hair is being shaved the texture of that hair will change. You should leave fine hair as it is. , if the hair is truly great you must leave it be… Do not shave it and do refrain from doing laser hair elimination on that hair.


3. Skin color

The lighter the skin color the better the outcomes. Remember the laser targets color and the laser does not distinguish between color in the hair or color in the skin … it will target both. When there is a color on the skin the strength of laser the laser setting is limited. The more color on the skin the riskier the treatment.

The truth is some people are not excellent prospects for laser hair removal. I have seen many individuals, who have actually come in for a laser assessment after having laser prior to.

If you had laser treatments, have a lot of color in the skin and did not get a result it is probably due to the fact that the setting was set really low so as to not burn you however you also did not see an enhancement.

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4. Biological Factors

There are biological aspects that might affect your results with laser hair elimination. If you have a hormone issue/imbalance (e.g. PCOS) and the hormonal agents are not stable you will not have terrific results. Genetics can play a factor in the results also. I do not advise anybody with a neglected hormone issue do laser hair removal.

5. Kind of Laser

There are so numerous various brands of laser hair elimination machines and they are not all effective. There are medical-grade laser devices and esthetic laser machines. A good quality, efficient laser, is one crucial element to an effective result and great outcomes.

6. Laser maker Serviced?

I understand for a fact that many owners of laser hair removal clinics do NOT have their laser hair removal makers serviced. If, you are treated with a laser machine that has not been serviced that laser might be shooting too high (you get a burn) or too low (you do not get excellent results). Everybody doing laser hair elimination ought to ask to see proof (a current sticker on the laser, paperwork) that the laser is serviced on a regular basis.

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7. Shaving is the only way to remove hair (on your treatment) site

When you are doing laser hair elimination the only way to eliminate hair, on your treatment website, is to shave. The laser requires to see colored hair in the hair follicle.



8. Certified, experienced service technician

In Canada, the laser hair elimination market is unregulated. If you get dealt with for your laser hair removal with an unqualified technician your outcomes might not be excellent. Often the inexperienced professionals will “under reward” you. They will set the laser at extremely low energy settings to prevent burning you however you will also not get an excellent result. To do laser hair removal well, a laser hair elimination specialist requires to have dealt with several skin types and hair types. A qualified specialist can identify instantly the amount of color in the skin, the quantity of color in the hair, and the thickness of the hair. All 3 of those elements will determine the energy set on the laser device. And it is the setting on the laser machine that will determine your outcomes or absence thereof in the end.

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9. Treatment Schedule

For the very best results you must have a laser hair elimination treatment:

4 to 6 weeks for all websites on the Face. (upper lip, chin, sideburns, jawline, etc.).
6 to 8 weeks for all websites on the body. This schedule is very essential for great outcomes with laser hair elimination. When you are having a laser treatment, just roots in the development cycle will be dealt with and disabled at the time of your treatment.

10. The whole surface area (of your treatment site) must be covered.

When you are doing your laser hair elimination treatment the technician needs to be precise and cover the entire surface area of your treatment site. The attention to detail and the thoroughness of the laser sessions are really important to get good results in the end.

I hope you found this post on possible issues with laser hair removal important. Glycolic peel or laser hair elimination, I invite you to contact our Montreal MediSpa center today if you have any questions about skin treatment including facials. It will be our satisfaction to answer your questions.

On a daily basis, I see customers for laser hair elimination assessments who have had not successful laser hair elimination treatments prior to coming to Medispa Jouvence. Keep in mind the laser targets color and the laser does not distinguish between color in the hair or color in the skin … it will target both. I know for a truth that the majority of owners of laser hair elimination centers do NOT have their laser hair elimination makers serviced. Everyone doing laser hair elimination ought to ask to see evidence (a recent sticker on the laser, paperwork) that the laser is serviced on a regular basis.

To do laser hair elimination well, a laser hair elimination technician needs to have actually worked on many various skin types and hair types.

The article was provided by Marina Smirnova, a dermatologist, and cosmetologist.

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