stylist profiles

 photo by Mairen Kops

AMBER CASSELMAN | Senior stylist, colourist & salon owner | In the industry 20 years | Joined Oxfords in 1995

I love beautiful healthy hair, anywhere from well dressed hair to organic natural looks. I'm inspired by history, placing a modern feel on a classic shape. I use visual stimulation to pull from. I enjoy attending theatre productions, the ballet, and listening to classical music. I also have a love for modern mid-century furniture, objects and design, I'm forever inspired by my family; daughter Anais and husband and business partner Joel. Running a business with Joel has encouraged continual personal growth, remembering that day-to-day small efforts encourage our success.

My favourite era; The 1920s, a rebellious decade for women, cutting their hair into short precision bobs yet still maintaining an ornate femininity.                                                      

JOEL GREEN | Changed Careers in 2016  Royal LePage Realtor | Founded Oxfords in 1993 | In the industry 30 years

I have never been accused of acting too quickly. I believe important decisions require due time and attention. For me, moving on was not an easy or quick decision. We started Oxfords with the same intentions that I used to take this step; to see things differently and change up the game > Provide exemplary service with care for our Clients, our Guests and build careers in a business that many begin but few endure. 

Real Estate has many parallels to our work at Oxfords, mainly the community and trust we build with our Guests. While a challenging start, it is becoming a reasonable transition. I must say I love what I do and I do what I love!

My amazing Partner in life and work, Amber, has graciously taken the wheel at Oxfords and with the Team, is making it theirs. I certainly enjoy seeing them move Oxfords in a direction that only they could do. In hand with our new space sharing partners at, Oxfords is poised to move ahead with a new fresh space, a wonderful Team, sweet new co-workers and a great future!

Time with every one of my Guests over the years has been special, more so in the last 3 years. While I miss your stories and sharing my own while taking care of your services, I know you are in excellent care at Oxfords. Soon, hopefully we will share a coffee or lunch , don't hesitate to connect. I look forward to serving you again. (click my picture for contact)

With kind regards and many thanks for 30 wonderful years.


 photo by Mairen Kops

JOANNA | Senior stylist & colourist | In the industry 18 years | Joined Oxfords in 2002

I'm inspired when I can take an ordinary look and enhance it with shape, texture, colour and styling to make that ordinary hair extraordinary.

My favourite era; Present time, I love that women are wearing feminine pretty hair in a variety of styles and lengths. I think we look and feel our best today.

 photo by Mairen Kops

KAITLIN | Stylist & colourist | In the industry 4 years | Joined Oxfords in 2012

I'm inspired by the stylists at Oxfords. I enjoy observing skills and techniques to build my repertoire and use on my own guests. I watch people and look through magazines and Pintrest to pull looks and ideas from. I'm looking forward to continuing to grow at Oxfords, learning and working with our guests. 

My favourite era; There are so many new trends imerging in fashion and hair right now. It's an exciting time to be in the industry with forever changing looks from hair to fashion. I'm enjoying and look forward to being part of this process in my future.

 photo by Mairen Kops

SARAH | Stylist & colourist since 2012 | In the industry 4 years | Joined Oxfords as front line coordinator and guest relations in 2008

I'm inspired by the people around me; my co-workers, family and friends who have supported me through my Aveda hair schooling. These people continue to inspire me as role models giving me continual determination to better my craft, develop my knowledge and grow as a hair stylist. I love working with guests in providing a great service and in doing so helping them feel and look beautiful.

My favourite era; The 1920's, although its hard to narrow it down. The bob was becoming incredibly popular in the 20's, a simpler look and drastic change from the longer feminine conservative hair from earlier years. These styles continue to reappear even today.

DEREK | Barber | In the industry 4 years | Joined Oxfords in 2012

Since an early age I have found a personal interest in barbering. I have respect for those who take care and consideration in mundane tasks and find I myself am meticulous in my work. I appreciate clean, simple, and functional design such as were sported by moon shiners and bare knuckle boxers of the 1930's or the hard working business shark of the 1950's.

I emphasize precision and detail and rely on the tools that will shape and shear the ultimate look for each individual no matter their ethnicity or hair-type. I strive to maintain perfecting my craft, to see that when my guest leaves my chair with a cut that is flattering and shapely even weeks after having been to the salon.


ERIKA | Nails by Erika @ Oxfords| In the industry 6 years | Joined Oxfords in 2017

Specializing in gel and shellac manicures. Book your appointment with Erika for your next visit to Oxfords. Online booking recommended here.