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Consultation: complimentary

We encourage you to schedule a 15 minute consultation appointment with one of our stylists, whether you are new to Oxfords or looking for a change in colour or style, we would like to discuss your options to customize the look that feels right for you.

Haircut: from 45 dollars

Oxfords Haircut service includes a consultation, shoulder, neck and scalp massage, cleansing, haircut and style.

Long Haircut: from 60 dollars

An extension of our Oxfords Haircut service; designed for guests with extra long or thick hair or wanting a style change that may require additional time (ie. long to short)

Hair Colour: price upon request at time of consultation

Aveda’s Full Spectrum Colour Treatments deliver superior hair colour that resists fading. Hair colour begins with the colour wheel to customize your individual needs, ending with radiant shine and long lasting beautiful colour. We recommend scheduling a complimentary consultation for our stylists to work with you to customize your colour and pricing options. *We do not provide colour services for children under the age of 12.

Blow Dry Styling: from 40 dollars

Includes consultation, shoulder, neck and scalp massage, cleansing and style.

Occasion Styling/Up Styling: from 60 dollars

Includes consultation, heat setting and styling. Hair must be clean and dry prior to occasion and up styling.

Botanical Hair Therapy Treatment: from 25 dollars

A facial for your hair; improves dry and damaged hair conditions. Schedule the Botanical Hair Therapy Treatment as an extension of your hair cut or colour appointment or as an individual service including a shoulder, neck and scalp massage, cleansing, treatment and style.